Friday, November 13, 2009

5 Reasons why Left 4 Dead 2 sucks

The much awaited Left 4 Dead 2 has more stink than boomer bile and smoker gas. Ones that excited gamers and followers of the Left 4 Dead franchise may have, perhaps, overlooked. Several gaming groups have pledged to not buy the game because- its sucks- on their part. Is there really more value in bloody chainsaws and deadly frying fans?

Let me get to the point:

1. Left 4 Dead 2 is nothing but a rip-off of most survival horror games (most importantly, of Left 4 Dead). When you've gone through enough games with rampaging undead/infected people and shoot or hack your way through, you have to stop at one point in time and ask yourself: "Is this all there is in life?"

2. The plot sucks- wait a minute- there is no plot. A lot of people have been arguing that the beauty lies right there. I say, unless Left 4 Dead 2 is able to come up with some sort of story, then it'll be nothing more than a senseless shoot 'em up/ hack-and-slash with no point at all.

3. The characters suck. Well, okay, I just thought that they should not have had replaced Zoey. I mean, let's face it, Zoey is one of the hottest characters that hit the gaming world. Why? Because her simplicity suggests a hidden sexual beast (Or I'm probably just in to chicks with guns and bloodlust). The new special infected also suck because theyr'e rip-off of the first 4 special infected. The Charger is a big guy with a big-ass right hand that, well, charges at a survivor to some distance and just whacks him up and down like he was masturbating. The Jockey is some freak that likes taking piggy back rides on survivors. The Acid spitter, well, spits acid and makes a murky bog for survivors to step on and get their health damaged.

4. The melee system is pointless. It just drives gamers to hack and slash their way to hordes of zombies and special infected. I just don't get it. The inclusion of a samurai, a chainsaw and the dreaded frying pan makes the game a screw-up. I mean, really, come on. Who would bring a frying pan to whack the undead back to hell?

5. The games developers must be really sucking in some big money this time. Why would I pay for something that I can get off the 1st game? Left 4 Dead is cool enough with totally likeable characters and an urban setting fit for zombie owning and tank-slaying. I think it's awful that big-ass corporations have to resort to this in order to gain more buck. I miss the old days of gaming where everything is simple. Kill or die.

I hope they don't sell episodic versions of the series- wait a minute- there are no episodes. I remember, there is no plot.

But I guess that the corporate world does run in this way and we absolutely have no way of changing it. Talk about a zombie apocalypse..

I wish Zoey was there.

Left 4 Dead 2 hits the stores on November 17, 2009.
Ready your frying pans!


  1. yeah i dont think i will buy this peice of shit!
    and your review futhers me not to but it.

  2. How could you review something you haven't played yet. You and your followers are idoits. Jump in front of a truck.

  3. i got left 4 dead 1 and 2, and i must say i pretty disappointed with left 4 dead 2. It's just an expansion of the first game. It's the same fucking graphic and sound.

    I totally got ripped by valve...

  4. Damn I guess we should have listened to the cock nibbling monkey

  5. L4D2 really licks the big one. The maps are sooooo wide open that you lose the thrill of suspense, like whats around the next corner. Melee weapons give you so much confidence in lurking on your own, its dumb, because its easier to aim a swinging bat then the crosshairs of a pistol. That takes away some fear in straying off or show-boating and leading the party. The finales dont carry that "Umph" like the boat house in Deathtoll or the barn house in Dead Harvest. I just think that Valve thought and tried too hard to improve this game.


  7. @anon 10.16am

    There's a free demo available you dumb-ass cock-sucking faggot.

    I've played the game btw.

    You're a retarded Dick-licker!

  8. @anon 5.33pm

    sorry but my door doesn't swing that way.

    And just for the heck of it..


  9. I unfortunately bought the game, without playing the demo first.

    I was thrilled by the first part, man just like in a movie. And i am one of the stars.

    But the secon part lacks of a lot of atmosphere. The first part was dark and frightening. The socnd one with its southern bullshit and its fancy setting in all coulourfull places just sucks.

    AND YEAH. REMOVING MY ZOEY WAS THE WORST THING YOU COULD DO VALVE!!! DO YOU HEAR ME. .... the new hillbilly characters suck ass..... for real.

    Melee my ass, the new weapons suck.

    + Since the game is locked to my Steam account, i cannot sell it to someone else .... awesome. 30 Bucks for nothing. I sure wont buy part 3, if there will ever be one.

  10. My name is Barrack O'Bomber, and I approve this message:

    Left 4 Dead GRINDS TO DUST Left $ Dead 2

    there are no CLOWNS in Left 4 Dead...

    I feel like a CLOWN playing Left $ Dead 2...

    They sucked all the DRAMA out of the concept...and replaced it with some RETARDED Jerk-o-bot zombies and their unconvincing Bait-mates.

    The maps are more open than an Open-Sea Oil Super-Tanker racetrack with optional GPS. When I paddled a burning TANK with a CRICKET BAT, I felt I was spanking a mis-behaving child who was dribbling his food.

    I didn't pay for this...thing, but got it as a gift from my brother...I don't have to rationalise...I don't need to justify.

    After playing this for 10 hours I decided enough is enough. I would rather play Monopoly with a drunken Rottweiler, my testicles covered in sausage meat, and my nipples smeared with honey just as a swarm of hungry Hornets came through the window than play this abomination again.

    I'm off for a game of Left 4 Dead, who's with me?

    Left $ Dead 2 puts the "S" in "hit"

  11. Left 4 Dead 2...the reason EMP was invented.

  12. Walmart zombie on acidNovember 28, 2009 at 1:28 PM

    Yeah, game sucks like a psycotic pig farmer in drag.

  13. i bought it for 7 bucks, but its still pissed me off i wasted my money

  14. and btw 'Nibbling Monkey's a fag, EAT UR MOMS DILDO!

  15. @Anon 7.48

    I can imagine your struggle. Ranting anonymously in a new blog. Anyway, like I said, I'm not like you and in all probability, I'm way smarter than you are.

    Do yourself a favor and get a spine and a brain.


  16. What a pointless list. And the thing about zoey? You got to get laied... What i think is bad about the game is that they put more frustrating "specialmonsters" into the game. The worst is the rhinoacting guy who slams you into a wall. Its not funny when there is no wall to smash in, instead youre falling off a bridge or into the water and your instantly dead. The champains isnt fun at all, i dont want to play twice on those champains. But i guess you can download new champains i dont know. And some endings are extremely frustraiting when it comes tanks after tanks after tanks. No i will stick to L4D the first one.

  17. Left 4 dead 2 is by far the most disappointing sequel i've played in the last 3 or 4 years. I mean, it's hardly night time in most campaigns, the characters are shallow. Personally, I think valve should consider withdrawing the game from availability and develop an expansion pack for l4d 1. Or release a l4d 3 with better graphics but same elements that made the first one so addictive. NO $$$ from ME VALVE

  18. @Anon 10.56am

    1) Laied= laid.
    2) champains= campaign
    3) specialmonsters= special mosnters

    4)yes. a pointless list. I post stuff that I want to post no matter how pointless it is. so if you don't want it, jack off, ass-fuck.

  19. I'd like to point out that in your correction of spelling, you spelled monsters wrong hhahahahahah

  20. A big dissapointment and if you live in australia you are being ripped off even more with this watered down pice of shit.

    This game plain and simply sucks, I dont understand why we are being charged full price for something thats less quality than most DLC out there.

    Valve can suck my left nut

  21. @Anon 7.09

    I heard that they released a screened version of L4D2 in Australia. How's it going mate?

    So much for blood and gore huh?

  22. If I had it to do over again, I wouldn't have spent the money to buy L4D2. The new characters are so-so. The new special infected and uncommon common are cool. But the methods the developers used to make the game harder (i.e., on advanced or expert) are just lazy and cheap. Like a smoker that INSTANTLY appears and INSTANTLY has you snagged with no time whatsoever to react. Same with instantly-appearing chargers, jockeys, hunters, etc. (In L4D1 the specials typically made noise before you saw them.) Such 'tactics' are not a test of a gamer's skill and reflexes ... they are simply designed to make it seem harder by making it no-win.

  23. I made the mistake of buying Left 4 Dead 2. It's a complete waste of money. Nick, Ellis, Rochelle and Coach are BORING! The levels completely suck, the new special infected suck. The Jockey jumps on you and dry humps you, the Charger is nothing more than a mini tank and the Spitter's tits sag
    like a 90 year old. WTF is up with the female boomer?

    The guns suck balls, WTF is up with reducing ammo in most of the weapons?! If you are going to send a thosand more zombies at me, boost
    my freaking ammo, don't reduce it you incompetent baffons of Valve. The only level that was even close to good was The Parish, but the zombies with Kevlar ruined it.

    Left 4 Dead was a good game. L4D 2 is a great example of how you destroy what might have been a decent franchise.

  24. Oh, come on, Valve doesn't suck that much.

    It just sucks a lot.

  25. I just want to wish all you sensible people a Merry Christmas and a Happy "Cynical Sell-out Free" New Year.

  26. Suck a fat dildo monkey, I love LFD2. I fucking play that game every fucking day you fucking get me fucker?

  27. sucks sucks sucks. waste of my money!

  28. @Bob.

    My door don't swing your way.
    I can tell from your name that you're a retarded gamer who's trying to look tough and shit by repeatedly using the word "fuck" or "fucker".

    Also, I can tell that you live a sad, sad life. L4D2 is not the only game you can play, you dig?

    There's always NES mario or tetris.

    Or you could also hook up with a guy and if you're lucky, you can make out with him.



    I agree with you when you said that they made the game harder. I miss those musical cues and stuff. I just wish that the DLC "The Passing" is any better. After all, it features the old survivors.

    You know what that means...

    We can get to see Zoey again!!

    yey Raging Hormones!

  29. Apparently we wont get to play the original survivors in the Passing......but how the hell did they end up in the south they were going north to canada. Leaves me wondering if Valve are so desperate to make the people who arn't blind by what the money makers are doing that they have to add the Original Survivors in.
    It'll give off the impression that they havent abandoned L4D, making people think that there will be DLC to L4D..........

  30. Fan of Zoey said...
    The Bridge finale at the end of L4D2 pisses me off! I played every character as the lead in Easy and Normal modes, and the lead character is doing MOST of the shooting while taking hits trying to get across the bridge! The others are NOT shooting, just tagging behind!
    I'm not a pro "gamer" like most of you L4D players, but I still like playing L4D more than L4D2 simply because Zoey ROCKS! If there is a L4D3...Zoey has to come back. I can see her as a squad leader in the human counterattack to reclaim Earth from the zombies: older than her years, tougher, haunted by the deaths of Francis, Bill and Louis...but a tested combat leader who kicks ass!
    Whadda you guys think?

  31. yes to everyone who commented including the guy who made the list!

    1st. new survivors r good u guys need to remember change is good!

    2. new infected r amazing to play as and bring challenge to a already complex game and uncommon common make it fun too kill a clown!

    3.weapons r good if u know how to use them! like fuck its not that theirs less ammo just ur so scared ur just sparying ur clips away.


    im not saying its amazing but if you give it time and actually accomplish stuff in it you'll like it.

  32. I normally don't take the time to qualify rants, this is the top hit from good for l4d2 sucks, so hopefully someone will read this and not buy the game (at least untill they release some sort of patch). I've logged MANY hours into l4d, and I am a vet of FPSes in general, here are my reasons why l4d2 sucks.

    To start, co-op and scavenger mode isn't bad, its actually pretty fun, but for me, the meat of the game is Versus, and versus sucks.

    1. As said before, the wide open maps, the lack of zombie spawn areas, and the much the much more "fragile" zombies, makes 90% of the maps worthless to play. There are maybe 2-4 "kill zones" per map, if you don't kill the surviors at these points, the rest of the map is worthles.

    2. Too much health! once again, unless you get the surviors at the killzones (most of them 1 hit kill areas) they just heal, or hell, even if you kill them they find a defib pack and revive there commrade...on average there are 6-12 medpacks per level and 4-16 pills... l4d one maybe if you were lucky would have 4 extra, on average there were 2 med packs and 4 pills in the level.

    3. Meele weapons are over powered, they make the boomer useless, and the horde attacks a joke.

    4. On top of the meele weapons, the boomers reduced explode and spit range, make him ever more useless.

    5. Hunter, Charger, and Jockey are buggy as hell and often don't "connect". On top of these the Meele Block always goes to the surviors.

    6. 5 or so Meele attacks kill the tank, so much for "The team must work together to kill the tank.

    7. Spitter damage is too much, and is inconsistent (it does too much to standing survivors, to little to ones on the ground). Also there is no counter for it, which just make it unbalanced and stupid for the most part...I know they added it to prevent "corner camping" but i think the charger already takes care of this.

    8. Most of the maps are broken, there are trick ways to win almost every map, the DLC campain is the best, but still not by much.

    9. the voice acting (except for ellis) sucks.

    10. Too many people play l4d2 and now no one plays l4d and it makes it impossible to find a good game other then on no-mercy were all the 7337 gamers who are too afraid to try something new because they might lose play.

    11. too much raging, this was a problem with l4d, but its even worse in many ADD xbox360 fags trying to convert to PC gaming is my guess.

    All these problems (other then the voice acting) can be fixed with my hope hasn't died yet. But because of the xbox360 factor, major patches are not likely. for now, im shelving this game, ive already wasted 18 hours on it, and have had maybe 2-3 "fun" versus games, its not even worth my time. Don't buy this game until a patch comes out.

  33. Left for Dead 2 is a horribly programmed game! First off why the f*ck cant you tell you're useless, aimless, hindrance of a team where to go and what to do. First player mode on expert has seen me yelling at my CPU teammates far too many times while they standby watching a smoker strangle me to death less than six feet away. Not being able to aim down the sights only further exasperates an already frustrated player. Frankly the stupid game shouldn't even have an expert single-player mode as it is the most frustrating gaming experience I have ever suffered on account of ONLY my worthless CPU controlled team. Valve has still yet to earn my respect as software developers. The only game I've ever been impressed that they succeeded on was Portal. You guys suck, maybe you should play video games and endeavour to actually understand what makes a game enjoyable and playable time and again befor you haul-off half-assed and try to program one f*cking morons...

  34. Its alright, kind of a let down compared to LFD1, Valve needed to change it up a little, they took a chance and it failed.

    Also the creator of this topic seems to be a little too defensive

  35. @Anon 5.04pm

    Nah. I'm just trippin'. Cheers!

  36. Fan of Zoey says: Left4Dead would SUCK without Zoey. In fact, Francis, Bill and Louis SUCK! Ever notice how when Zoey's trying to help them up, they get up very SLOWLY--and they stop shooting so that a Boomer can sneak up and bile her? No. Then watch on Advanced or Expert modes. You'll see that they always undermine Zoey. Valve better start rethinking Left4Dead.

  37. I agree that Left4Dead is VERY frustrating at advanced and expert levels. In nearly 20 tries in the Hospital segment of No Mercy, not once was I able to reach the safehouse. It was absolutely ridiculous how Valve structured the segment. First off, there were no medical packs or pill bottles to sustain the 4 characters as they moved up, while getting hit by Boomers, Smokers and Hunters that just appeared out of thin air. So that when the 4 characters finally made it to the roof, their life meters were either yellow or red. Worse, they were low on ammo. Once there, it seemed they were battling dozens of Smokers and Hunters and Boomers. As if that wasn't enough, a Tank jumped them next. Try to take down a Tank with just pistols. Don't go for cover--a Smoker will appear out of nowhere and get you, even if you put a dozen rounds into it. In short,all 4 characters were killed. They had absolutely NO chance. There's no challenge to advanced or expert when the game stacks every odds imaginable against the Single-player without an opportunity to win. This game cheats so bad it's not worth playing if you can't advance beyond normal. Valve should have stuck a sticker on the package: Warning. You Will NOT Win This Game At The Advanced Or Expert Levels. All in all, the Left4 Dead series is disappointing because of it. Zoey is the only thing that shines about this game.

  38. Fan of Zoey hates the set up shit by Valve. On Advanced for Rooftop Finale, Zoey has to go out on the roof to get the grenades. The problem is that Francis always let's a Boomer get away instead of killing the fucking thing. Once it slimes Zoey on the roof when she retrieves the grenade, Francis is SLOW to slow to rescue her from the hordes THAT he CAUSED in the FIRST PLACE! As for Bill and Louis...they just don't show up at all when Zoey's down. Francis sucks. Bill sucks, Louis sucks. And Valve sucks for the undermining crap!

  39. Haha, Im sorry, I must disagree with many of your opinions. This is however, my own opinion, so I'm not saying all yours is wrong, I am simply stating my own.

    I recon LFD2 is pretty good. Granted, 1player isn't very good due to the other characters looking at walls instead of the hords of zombies coming at them, but the online and multiplayer is great recon. Running around shooting zombies? Good stuff... I played the second one before the first, however. I agree with you all when you all say that the old characters are a lot better than the new ones. And Zoey? Yeah... She was nice.

    The newer characters aren't as likable. When I first played L4d2, I couldnt choose which one to play, seeing as they all seemed to be as unlikable as each other.

    In conclusion, I like L4D2. BUT... $110 australian? Seriously!? I'de pay 50, tops.

    And, on a side note, I have no objections that they had to tone down the violence in Australia. It would indeed be better with more blood to be shed, but its still appealing to see a boomer cover the screen in red.

    Anyway... This is my opinion. I mean to bash no one else on this forum.

    Y'all 'av a good one.


  41. 1. and the original wasn't?
    2. I guess your too retarded to see that first one din't either.
    3. more retarded zoey fanboyism.
    4. have you noticed no-one else cares
    5. the 2nd has new weapons (and i'm talking about guns, so you dont cry like the faggot you are about the melee weapons), new campaigns, new infected, new characters, and a new DLC called "the passing" where the survivors from the 1st and the 2nd games meet each other. Valve gave us everything they promised us. Go Fuck yourself.

  42. It was worth buying bored after a month..
    then i played it again...

    But i dont like Hard Rain and Swamp Fever since there are zombies in those campaigns =P

    2 Campaigns Suck...the other ones u can play all over again 4 ever..

  43. Okay seriously you people need to get girlfriends or something. Zoey is a collection of pixels nothing more.

    Now that that is off my chest. The game was such a let down. Characters are really bland and boring with absolutely NO chemistry! At least in the first L4D the characters were more animated and cracked a few jokes for a good laugh every now and then to break up tension. I miss the original 4. When I hear the new survivors say "PILLS HERE!" I say to myself. Only Lewis and Bill can say that best lol. The only ones with some sort of minimal personality was Ellis and Coach, but yeah still hated it.

    The environments...whats with most of the campaigns being in the day time? That's not suspensful at all. The new infected are so and so but require way too much patience which is something you can't afford to have in versus. Especially when the survivor team just makes a straight beam for it.

    For Example:
    Spitter: You have to wait for the right opportunity to spit your acid. When survivors are boomed and they can't tell what's happening, when they are incapacitated, or in a small area(there are not very cluttered areas as there are in the first L4D. It's way too open). Screw up with your shot and your speed is reduced with a long ass reload time.

    Charger: Incredibly frustrating to master. Once you charge you're stuck in that one direction, and if you miss you're pretty much dead because of the long recharge time. Your HP is decent but let's face it. 4 people shooting you down with guns? Good luck surving that. A tank you are not. And any obstacle can stop you from getting you from where you want to charge. I swear a freakin pebble on the road can screw up a charge.

    Jockey: Pretty Cool. About the only special infected that actually seemed to balance out nicely.

    If they were gonna do a sequel they should have just stuck with the original characters. These new characters look like they were just grabbed out of thin air and rushed into production. In other words they half-assed this whole game developement, smacked "Left 4 Dead" with a 2 on the cover, added their "improved" changes, and waited for the money to roll

    Rented it for 8 bucks...what a rip off. Thank God I wasn't stupid enough to actually buy it.

  44. I can't remember who said it, but they said the new DLC is just getting your hopes up for a l4d 1 DLC, it's not. there is going to be a l4d1 DLC if you watch the xbox live video, it says they're making a l4d1 dlc to show the original survivor stories. i'm not sure how this will play out depending how much content they will bring into the original game from the 2nd. if they just throw all of it in there, then they will ruin everything about l4d1 except the original survivors. Also, i heard a few people ranting about the environment. yes, this was a major dissapointment especially if you followed all of the updates when it was being made. one with someone from valve said that they were going to make a weather a.i. making it rain if your team is doing well and they almost went through with this if you looked at the pictures when it was like a month till it's release. there was the graveyard in the parish with a zombie on the fromn of a picture, rain in the background, it was pitch black, and there was lightning in the background. this would have improved every campaign. think about every place you can be in l4d 2 except with rain and lightning. getting to the mall, in the swamp, at the circus. last second they decided to pull it all out and put it in the hard rain campaign. i don't think that they played any of the other campaigns after they did this, otherwise, they would realize what shit they've just pulled. they completely ruined at leaste 40% of the game when they did this. it was a huge dissappointment when i played and realized that they put it all in hard rain which is why i don't play this game anymore. hopefully they will fix some of the things they ruined in the new DLC.

  45. Agreed with how annoying L4D2 is...
    The characters are... well, just pathetic, really.
    What a complete group of non-memorable morons.
    The new infected seem to have been invented by drunk retards who have too much money and too much free time on their hands.
    The melee brings nothing real new, and the whole game atmosphere just went to the pub to have a drink.

    It's sad. But gamers get greedy too, i guess. Oh, well.

  46. I play Left4Dead on my PC. I finally made it to the expert level. That's when I started noticing problems in the game, at the expert level, which I think were deliberately put there by the Valve people: The problems started in the mercy hospital campaign. I had a terrible time getting out of the sewer/manhole. There were 2 smokers waiting up there, 2 boomers and 2 hunters. The characters kept losing life points and expending ammo just to kill those special infected up top. Once they climbed out and onto open ground they had to fight off a swarm of zombies that don't die no matter how many rounds you put into them.
    Once they got into the hospital while low on ammo and limping, they ran into another swarm. Zoey was the only survivor to make it into the safehouse where...guess what? A hidden hunter inside jumped her. Now I realize that the expert level means just that--"expert". But my argument is: the last survivor was barely alive and on Red 1 with another swarm coming fast, and upon reaching the threshold to close the door, is then pounced upon by a hunter waiting inside. Where did this come from? I agree with one of the earlier commenters that this game cheats. I'm sorry I bought it.

  47. I couldn't agree with you more buddy. Left4Dead likes to pull fast ones on you all over the place. What I really despise about this game are those hunters and smokers that come out of nowhere at the Advanced and Expert levels. I asked one of my buds to play it and he came out of it just as frustrated and pissed off as I did. I hate this game too. Fortunately for me...I only rented it for a weekend. I didn't buy it. Good for me! Not good for Valve!

  48. I couldn't agree more LFD2 SUCKED BALLS!!!!
    I hadd the deja vu feeling all the time, in fact the first one was much better, I couldn't stand the gameplay in this one, while playing I just wanted get to the next safehouse so I could take a pill for my headache!
    LFD2 is so linear and retarded that feels like valve is "only God knows why" insulting the gamers!

  49. Bill is an INSULT to the Green Berets. Literally. He just stands there with a cigarette in his mouth while his teammates are being punched again and again by the infected, and he doesn't even bother to shoot or defend them. He just stands there...
    Then after they're knocked down, he tries to help them up with a soothing voice!
    What is this?!!?
    Bill is useless. Someone should strip that Green Beret patch off his beret. He doesn't deserve to wear it. If a zombie apocalypse ever happened for real, I wouldn't want Bill on my survival team. He's never there when you need him! What an insult to the Green Berets.

  50. If Bill is useless then Francis is the biggest jerk. At the Advanced Level of the rooftop finale he retreats into the room while his teammates are fighting off a swarm and he blocks the door from them getting inside! He also does other senseless things like suddenly sticking a pill bottle into your hand just as you're drawing a killer bead on a smoker! If Valve thinks this is funny...hey, I'm not amused.

  51. Hey you noticed that too ANONYMOUS? I was drawing a bead too on a smoker when Francis suddenly stuck a pill bottle in my hand, letting the smoker get away. Bill and Louis also do this!

    Other peeves I have with L4D:

    -During a swarm, the others aren't shooting but always reloading.

    -On the lift sequence in The Sewers, everyone is shooting and suddenly you're being punched because the others suddenly retreated without warning.

    -If you accidentally hit the witch, Bill and Louis run away while the witch rips you apart.

    -During the melee of any finale, your teammates deliberately jump into your line of fire when a boomer appears and the boomer gets away.

    -When you're snagged by one of those stupid smokers, your teammates casually trot over insead of shooting it. Meanwhile you're losing life points as it pummels you.

    -Your teammates won't move until you do. Once you do, they close the door behind you as a swarm comes in, leaving you fight alone while they watch.

    I could go on with the things I don't like about this game. But my worst peeve is that sticking the pill bottle in your hand. C'mon!

  52. How many Smokers are in this game anyway!!!

    It seems like you can't even move and then you get ambushed by one!!!

    Piss off Valve.

  53. This sounds more like a rant than hate thing. The only "BIG" thing bad about left 4 dead is the wide open levels. The new infected don't bother me, if their was no new infected, then whats the point of making a new game. The melee weapons are more of an improvement than a downfall. Sure you can pile through a crowd of zombies without using a gun, but when you use a melee weapon, your more likely to lose a lot of life than someone shooting. The part about you liking zoey wasn't necessary in this list, its just an opinion on the character instead of the whole game. The characters are alright and though not as good as the first one, you're in the Louisiana, of course the characters are going to be "hillbilly" like. The developers did try too hard on this game, but you can't go saying that you bought the game and wasted money. If you didn't like the game, then return it or trade it at gamestop or rent the game. That is entirely your fault(gifts are excluded), this was a waste of money but you gotta admit, renting would've saved you money or borrowing the game from a friend or somebody would've prevented the money loss. I didn't like the game either, but don't quit on left 4 dead 3. The game should be an improvement on the 2nd one. They tried something new in left 4 dead 2 with the open levels and it didn't work out as well, same with fighting zombies in the day. The game was bad, but it wasn't horrible or horrendous compared to some other games out on the market(except when comparing this to left 4 dead). I don't know why you said the game lacked story, because last I checked, left 4 dead 1 had no story. It was just you playing a campaign without being given an explanation on how you got there(except for No Mercy). Left 4 Dead 2 was all about story. Every campaign came from the campaign before it, they all interconnected. You start on top of a building and try to find your way to New Orleans, simple concept. The versus mode is also fun in left 4 dead 2, all those special infected make the game fun to play versus mode. Most people right now play versus mode in left 4 dead 2 than the campaign, same with scavenge. Saying left 4 dead 2 was a rip-off really isn't true, that's like saying that resident evil 3 is a rip-off of resident evil 2. Left 4 Dead 2 is called 2 for a reason. The game tried too much to be different from Left 4 Dead 1 that the game probably would've done better if some company actually did try to rip-off left 4 dead and came out with this game, but with a different title. At least it would've been expected and not be such a let down. The game is bad, but it's not horrendous. I think that this list is just a bitch list put together without much thought, all you had to say was the levels were sucked, because that's really the only thing wrong with the game, bad levels.

  54. Wow, alot of you, (and yes i'm talking about you Nibbles.) Need to stop playing video games, and seek social interaction or a therapist; because the second you star fantising about some programing and pixles, there is seriously somthing wrong with you.

  55. 1. No, it is not all there is in life. It's a small part of it though, and how do you rip off something you've made yourself?
    2. There is a plot. While it ain't good, it's there. The survivors missed their chance to get to an evac station and has to move on forward, to the other survivors. Sidenote: There's nothing wrong with pointless hack n' slash.
    3. Considering Left 4 dead 2 happens during the 1st one, it'd be weird if the original survivors could be both in the central part of the U.S and the south...
    Also, once again, YOU CAN'T RIP-OFF YOUR OWN GAME.
    4. Why choose a frying pan? Why, maybe because it does a lot of damage.
    You try hitting someone as hard as you can in the head with a frying pan when you're an adult (In 6 years or so, I'm just going to presume you're 12.) and see if the person actually survived.
    5. As Valve said, they had a new idea of survivors. Seeing as it couldn't fit in the game as a DLC they made it a complete game, because people simply wanted more.

  56. YOU SIR ARE RETARDED. first of all you think a video game girl is hot. whats wrong with you?
    and whats wrong with you thinking about masturbating with chargers?

  57. 1. l4d2 doesnt claim to be original. Neither is 90% of the games out today, its all been done before. also calling a sequel a rip off of the original is the dumbest thing i have ever read...
    2. claiming it has no plot. well, it does. Story doesnt have to be told to you or eve written down. Story can be told through environment, experience and especially dialogue.
    3. this is an opinion and really its just him whining about zoey not being there. how can he imply that she is a sexual beast while also claiming that the game has no plot. he also claims that the new infected are just rip offs, but then doesnt show us anything that they rip off.
    4. more opinions on how he thinks the game should be played. he also claims this game is a ripoff from l4d1 (HURR) but then shuns any additions to the game?
    5. he just attacks valve, though this is a point you can make of any game, a rightfully so. Why should i buy a sequel unless it adds enough for me? well, if you dont think it adds enough, dont buy it. simple as that.

    overall it seems like this was written by a 12 year old and it probably was

  58. In playing the original Left4Dead o my PC, it seems to me that some of the infected (zombies) are shouting words that sound like Latin? Has anyone else noticed this? Is it Latin?
    Also, sometimes a zombie will spot the survivors and it shouts a word that sounds like "Keshallah!" Has anyone figured out what Keshallah means? I've been searching out this word (and other spelling variations of it) on the 'Net, with no luck.

  59. TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO SAY left 4 dead 2 and left 4 dead 1 suck you people are dicksucking assholes who have nothing to do but troll you guys are real FAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  60. why dont yall quit complaining left for dead 2 is more beast than the first and of course melee weapons are powerful how the fuck else are you going to get tank burger you dumbass and another thing it dont suck you suck at the game and if yall complain that the bots dont do shit then yall should get your asses online and play it you damn idgets

  61. look as far as i can tell, all of you guys are just complaining about lfd2's negatives. Every game isn't perfect. i actually think l4d2 is fun. I will agree that when you play by yourself the characters seem like they're tagging along and not helping, but thats just how the first one was. There is definitely something wrong with all of you guys who are fantasizing about zoey GET A FRIKKIN LIFE!!! there is nothing wrong with the melee weapons. the fact that the weapons break in dead rising 2 is what made me hate that game. I always hear a musical cue when a special infectded spawns, so you guys must be lying. If they kept the same characters from L4d1 in L4d2, then it would be unrealistic in the fact that they survived like 12 campains. the maps are fun and if zombies were real, i don't think any of u guys would want to run around at night. U people are just dumb. I Hope for a L4D3, and i would def buy it

  62. i love both games. great campaigns in both. the guns in l4d2 are WAY fuckin more powerful, which kicks ass. got both the week they came out and played both online. l4d has a very balanced verses mode. l4d2 not so much. it is very very fucking hard to make it to the safe room on verses. So, clearly its very easy (to easy) to keep the survivors from getting there as infected. i do not blame that on the expansion of special infected. i think it has to be due to the large maps, whereas in l4d you basically were led where u needed to go. it sounds good on paper to expand the maps, but it took away from the "WE NEED TO ATTACK TOGETHER" strategy. its to easy (as infected) yet to hard (as survivors) plain and simple. say what u want. dont give a fuck. verses mode has been weakened in its intensity. -brewtality1919

  63. also, both games HAVE NO PLOT!! that's the whole idea of BOTH GAMES. stop trying to figure it out, and stop trying to say either of them do. ill tell u the "plot". none of the survivors know each other and they dont want to, they just want to get out alive and they know they have to stick together. they dont know why the world is infected. i read all about it when l4d came out in '08 in a gamer magazine. if someone asks u the plot, the correct answer is simply "to survive".

  64. Hahaha you all suck ass and so does this list bitches. L4D2 kicks ass and so does everything Valve makes. Go cry in a corner losers

  65. hahaha you suck ass, and so does your face bitch.

  66. hey nihger,

    you know, like tigger!
    I have both games. I love it. Hey, I can play for hours, online is fun cause you get to play with new people. Quite a few people have added me to their steam friends list.
    added ravaged zoe, and I found a hack where I can spawn l4d survivors in l4d2. Lol
    Soo fun!

    Dual pistols are important in l4d.
    A fast powerful melee weapon is important in l4d2
    I even unlocked the CSS weapons to add a slightly different flavor.

    Favorite weapon combo Sniper Rifle/Nightstick
    On some maps I use the AK-47/Machete combo

    Never played the demo.

  67. I prefer the initial Left 4 Dead simply because the "new and improved" special infected are anything but. The 'Jockey' is quite possibly the dumbest fucking thing I've ever seen; it's damn-near impossible to shove the little bastard before he leaps onto you, and it's rather aggravating. The 'Charger' is a close second to the 'Jockey' as far as nonsense goes -- not only did they prohibit the ability to shove him away, but aside from charging you, he follows at about 2x your speed. That, coupled with an absolutely ridiculous amount of health, leaves you emptying close to an entire magazine (depending on which weapon you use) before he punches 2/3 of your health away. It's utterly impossible to clear a map without taking any damage of some sort. At least with the infected from the first one you had somewhat of a chance.

  68. Ok. So your points on why L4D2 sucks are that:
    1. Zoey is not in it. That's not a legitimate criticism of the game. Besides, she's nothing but pixels.
    2. The new SI are all the same. Of course you neglect to mention any reason why. The new SI are great additions to the roster. The Spitter solves the issue of the Survivors camping in L4D, the Charger can break up whole teams of survivors and the Jockey is incredibly versitile with his ability to steer the Survivors anywhere,
    3. There is no story. The story is told through dialouge and exploring the world around you. Anyway, the first game told it's story in the same way, yet you fail to mention it. I suppose you were too busy jerking off to Zoey to pay attention.
    4.The melee system is stupid. Actually it's a clever inclusion to the game and can be seen as risk vs. reward. One one hand, pistols are weaker but allow you to take out the zombies from a distance, while melee weapons bring you into the path of danger but do more damage.
    5. L4D2 is a rip-off of L4D. Yeah, I wonder why a sequel is similiar to the first game?

    Overall this is incredibly stupid.