Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Some Random facts about debaters

Everyone knows how these people mouth-off at least 1000 rounds of senseless words in .001 seconds and that the real thing that kills the poor listeners' souls is not the bacteria filled saliva (comparable to that of the Komodo Dragon's) but the infectious boredom and pointlessness of their speech.

Here are some random FACTS about collegiate debaters that is sure to bring out socio-political awareness in the reader:

1.) 94.9% of men in this community are gay. To sum it all up, there are 90% straight-out fags, 19% doubters and 1% closet dick-suckers. What kind of self-respecting man would rant for 8 minutes about social justice and equality and not know that his/her/it's kind is not generally accepted? I mean, if you're gay, straight-out, flaunt it suck a dick or something.

2.) All of these people are actually socially retarded. Geeks+ Parties= kids who try hard to fit in a world that is obviously not liking them. Debaters they call "prodigies" or have excellent analytical skills are what normal people call "freaks". And they can't even fucking hold a cup right without debating whether it's best that the cup be empty or not.

Don't get me started on what they wear. I mean, cosplayers look more decent than some of these flat-chested, freckle-faced retards who have trouble trying to determine the difference of a motel from a comfort room. I mean really. Even dogs know that the john is not a proper place to make out, err, well, mate! RETARDS!

3.) They're all talk and no walk. Let's admit it. These guys don't do shit about the things they talk about. They're the educated and spoiled sector of the youth who complain and complain and complain. They rant and rant and in the end of the day, they achieve nothing more but a tired mouth and for people who are environmentally aware, they spew out a lot of carbon dioxide. PETA is better than these people!

For people who think that being obese should be taxed, they sure are heavyweight idiots. They even try to argue on the side of the Catholic Chruch and against it, but they sure don't do a lot of reading with their bibles. They couldn't even quote Jesus if Pontius Pilate came up! Or if the Vatican was crumbling. And they have the nerve to tell people about equality and rights, well fuck you! You could have donated your blood to a bank or used all that money and energy for charitable purposes.

4.) They are the epitome of degrading moral standards in the Philippines. I believe I've said enough about this reason in the other statements. But let's not stop there. Aside from making out in the comfort rooms during parties, wearing scant pieces of garments, they even defend fucking homosexuality! WTH? They also claim to be atheists or agnostics. Wow. Well, goes to show that these people think they're so smart that they have their heads shoved way up their asses. These people couldn't even tell that no one gives a fuck about what they say!

4.) In the words of the great GamerTotoy, They live for the big fucking day (or week). These people duke out tons of money and effort into tournaments where everyone wants to hear everyone out. I mean, really, they spend countless hours matter fucking loading and shit like that.

They spend hard-earned money just so they could be part of something big like the National Debate Championship or the Philippine Intercollegiate Debate Championship and what for? To speak for a lousy 8 minutes and spew out tons of spit in the hopes of infecting the adjudicators with flesh eating, mind-rotting bacteria to death. WTF?! If you guys want to find out who the hell's smarter, go to some dumb-ass place where there are lots of plants and rant. Rant your ass off.

Don't they realize that there's a completely sunnier place than hanging out with other social retards?

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